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Some say it’s a coffee wonderland, the perfect helper, or that friend who knows maybe a little too much about everything. Mina is unlike any espresso machine you’ve ever used and a genie that can’t be put back in the bottle. You’re not dreaming, Digital Flow Regulation is real and your wishes will come true. Whether you’re profiling a new coffee or repeating an incredible shot, Mina’s Digital Flow Regulation delivers exceptional results. This exclusive technology regulates the flow of water from your pump to your brewing group, allowing you to play with the flow in grams per second. When it comes to documenting your masterpieces, Mina’s App gives you the power to save and share all of the variables (including emojis) that went into your perfect shot of espresso.

Digital Flow Regulation

Digital Flow Regulation is the technology that makes everything about Mina possible. A super precise flow meter controls the flow of water in grams per second, with flow itself able to be set between 2 - 12g of water per second in increments of 0.5g. When you create a profile, the flow rate of water (within up to 5 unique steps), brew temperature (within 1/10th of a degree Celsius), and total amount of water are all saved, meaning you’re free to experiment with brewing parameters or change out coffees and still return to your original profile. Home baristas, cafes, and roasters alike can all experiment with different blends and roasts without fear of losing that perfect shot from just moments agos.

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Unlock precision extraction control without adding extra variables. Tame any coffee and perfect every sip with Mina’s digital flow profiling.

Multi-Boiler System

The core technology at the heart of all Dalla Corte espresso machines and Paolo’s first breakthrough, the Multi-Boiler System isolates the brew boiler from the steaming boiler for direct and independent temperature control. Brew temperature can be set within 1/10th of a degree Celsius and Mina is ready to pull shots in just six minutes. The low volume, brass construction ensures not only stable temperature, but also reduces the amount of water and energy needed for Mina to operate, reducing waste while also saving money. The steam boiler can be operated autonomously, maintaining its own temperature and able to be powered on or off separately from the brew boiler

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Rapid heat-up and 1/10th of a degree temperature control are the standards for Dalla Corte’s signature multi-boiler system.

App Control

Mina has no screens to squint at or esoteric characters and button presses to separate you from its settings and parameters. Once tethered via Mina’s App, your smartphone or tablet becomes the hub from which all changes can be made. Chief among these are the digital flow profiles that you can create and share. Connecting via the app takes seconds and you can view the parameters of your extractions in real time as they are executed by Mina. Within Mina’s App, you have the ability to adjust brew boiler temperature, steam temperature, toggle the MCS and GCS, turn off the steam boiler, and access Mina’s automated maintenance functions.

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It takes a smartphone to run a smart machine. Mina’s App is a game changer when it comes to crafting the perfect espresso shot.


To keep up with high volume environments, the MCS (Milk Control System) and GCS (Grinder Control System) can be installed on Mina to increase its productivity. The MCS can be programmed via Mina’s App to automatically froth milk to your desired temperature and features a curved wand design to create a roll in the pitcher automatically. Thanks to Mina’s ample three liter steam boiler, the MCS can be used to froth milk in tandem with the steam wand to produce two milk beverages at once. The GCS tethers Mina to the DC One or DC Two grinder, so if you don’t have time to recalibrate your flow, the grinder will automatically adjust itself to keep your extractions consistent. With both technologies equipped, Mina is perfectly suited for catering or tackling a rush at the cafe.

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Proper grinding and milk frothing are essential to prepare great drinks. The MCS and GCS put perfection on cruise control, no matter your skill.


Each Mina is assembled by Italian hands and from Italian components. Thanks to Paolo Dalla Corte’s commitment to quality, all of the brass used in Mina is lead free, doesn’t release chromium or nickel into the water, and adheres to the FDA standards for food safety. Mina’s compact and modular design lends itself to incredible flexibility for placement around a coffee shop or on a coffee cart while the low profile also makes it easier to see eye to eye with your customers. Operation is kept simple, with a selector knob to switch between brew profiles and a yoke for manual brewing. Lastly, Mina is NSF Certified for use in all commercial environments.

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Compact, handmade, and all the way from Italy, Mina blends innovation and heritage to deliver a truly revolutionary espresso experience.


Maintaining Mina takes full advantage of the technology brought to bear in its design. The automatic backflush program perfectly performs the procedure, giving your baristas time to clean something else. Innovations like the boiler drain system can be used to empty and replenish all of the water in the boilers to prep Mina for transport or in case you were away for an extended period of time. Statistics regarding shots pulled, milk steamed, and details about the machine’s parameters can all be accessed via Mina’s App. In the event that you need to open Mina up, the side and back panels provide easy access to all components, meaning that repairs can be made on the bar and not a technicians' bench.

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Mina is a sophisticated machine with straightforward maintenance. Save your brainpower for that perfect shot you’ve been dreaming of.

What's in the Crate

Included Accessories

1 Double Filter Basket

14 - 15g

2 Single Filter Basket

6 - 7g

1 Double Filter Basket

15 - 18g

1 Double Filter Basket

18 - 21 g

1 54.5mm Aluminum & Stainless Tamper

1 Single Spout Portafilter

1 Double Spout Portafilter

1 Blind Filter Basket

1 Aluminum + Stainless Tamper


1 Group Brush

1 Group Cleaning Tablets

1 Tamping Mat

1 Towel

1 Key for Shower Screen

1 Shower Screen

1 Nanotech Treated Shower Screen

2 Portafilter Spring

1 Black Spiral Drain Pipe


The Hard Facts

Dimensions (L x W x H)

385 x 385 x 410 mm

Individual Boiler Capacity

0.5 Liter

Power Sources

240V 1-Phase, 110V 1-Phase @ 50/60hz

Water Connection


Product Weight


Boiler Capacity

3 Liter

Water and Tea Dispenser



Mina will change your perception of what is possible with espresso. When combined with the accuracy and stability of our core multi-boiler system, the introduction of flow rate control via DFR (Digital Flow Regulation) technology embraces a new dimension of espresso extraction. Mina will optimize every coffee, teasing out acidity, body, and nuanced flavors with its ability to control the flow of water with extreme accuracy. Each breakthrough can be saved, shared, and repeated via Mina’s App which doubles as the nerve center of extraction control and places temperature, flow rate, and dose at your fingertips.