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Tell us something about you:

I was born in beautiful Sicily at the end of the ‘80s. Graduated in Marketing at “Università degli Studi” of Milano, I am very passionate about historical thrillers, technology, new media, music and football. I think of myself as chummy, passionate, loyal, generous.... and a little stubborn, I admit it!

What excites you most about coffee?

Each sip, each cup of coffee, is a new discovery, a new journey, a new adventure! Each coffee has unique aromas to be discovered: how could you not be excited about it?

How Did You Become Involved in the Coffee Industry?

Before working for Dalla Corte, I didn’t know how varied and multifaceted the world of coffee was. I was just a compulsive coffee drinker! A position opened in the company's marketing department which has given me the opportunity to better understand coffee, from the plant, the origin countries to the cup. It was an incredible new world for me, love at first sight!

Giovanni Giaquinta

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What does Dalla Corte do differently from other espresso machine companies?

The vast experience of Bruno and Paolo Dalla Corte – our founders, their deep knowledge, the technological innovations and solutions they developed, allow baristas to extract their espresso in the best possible way. The coffee chain is very long, it starts from the countries of origin and reaches the baristas: espresso machines are one of the last steps, and they must be perfect!

What are you good at?

I wish I could say “latte art", but I still have a lot to learn! I’m a good storyteller and a great listener, that kind of person who takes care of other people’s problems and tries to solve them. And, I think I’m a fun travel companion!

What is your go-to coffee drink in the morning?

Espresso, single shot, no sugar. The best way to start your engine!

Giovanni Giaquinta

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What is your go-to non-coffee drink?

Do you mean without coffee? No way!

What is your favorite coffee memory?

My first professional tasting course: it was a shock for me to taste coffee in a completely different way from how I had been up to then! I also had the opportunity to visit a coffee farm in Indonesia: unforgettable experience!

Who are you outside of coffee?

Very bad singer, football addict, bbq and red wine lover, I love spending my spare time with friends of a lifetime and my family. This is what I define as “quality time”.

Other: Is there anything else we should know about you?

Probably, but why not talk about it over of a good cup of coffee?

Giovanni Interview Questions

Dalla Corte


More than just a team, the employees of Dalla Corte are a family, in some cases literally. Connected by Paolo Dalla Corte’s immense passion for coffee brewing technology, and with sharing that passion with the world, the Dalla Corte team are committed to the mantra of “Make it better” and blaze their own trail of authentic innovation and genuine excitement for improving espresso coffee everywhere.