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What excites you most about coffee?

The thing that most excites me about coffee is that depending on how I treat it (through the technical solutions that I have gradually applied to the machines we produce) it never ceases to amaze me. Furthermore, I am moved by the fact that each cup of coffee contains such an intense extract not only of aromas, but also of the spiritual energy of all those people who work for their survival in the countries of origin, offering us the opportunity to taste the fruit of their labour.

How Did You Become Involved in the Coffee Industry?

Maybe my father? The spirituality that this drink represents for me? I do not know! Perhaps a series of values that coffee stands for, at least for me; values that thrill me not only from a professional point of view.

Paolo Dalla Corte Interview Questions

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What does Dalla Corte do differently from other espresso machine companies?

I hardly think it is my place to tell you what we do differently from other espresso machines companies. I can say that, unlike other companies managed by people with commercial, administrative or marketing background, Dalla Corte is managed by technicians with very healthy principles supported by a team of marketing and sales people who fully share these principles.

What is your favorite coffee memory?

The satisfaction of having collected two handfuls of coffee cherries from the tree my wife has planted at home, starting from a simple parchment. It was exciting.

Who are you outside of coffee?

A father of a wonderful family, a grandfather of two beautiful grandchildren and nothing more. Ash… I almost forgot. I am also the one who, together with a colleague, has opened a small company in the Bollate Penitentiary near Dalla Corte headquarters. Now 10 inmates are working for us and we are strongly proud to share values ​​ such as "work is dignity" with these people.

Paolo Dalla Corte Interview Questions

Dalla Corte


More than just a team, the employees of Dalla Corte are a family, in some cases literally. Connected by Paolo Dalla Corte’s immense passion for coffee brewing technology, and with sharing that passion with the world, the Dalla Corte team are committed to the mantra of “Make it better” and blaze their own trail of authentic innovation and genuine excitement for improving espresso coffee everywhere.