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Tell us something about you:

I am 41 years old, happily married, and a father to a three year old son. In my professional life, I am a technical trainer of espresso machines, and I have worked in this industry for almost 20 years. I call myself a friendly, selfless, and hands-on person, maybe a bit of a dreamer. In my spare time, I try to devote myself as much as possible to my family. I have a passion for the world of cars and motorcycles.

What excites you most about coffee?

There is no end to the search for perfection The processing and transformation, of a natural product, into the drink that symbolizes the Italian tradition. The espresso coffee.

How Did You Become Involved in the Coffee Industry?

I started in the world of coffee as a joke, helping a friend of mine to roast coffee. From there my love for making espresso was born and, later, for espresso machines.

Marco Beltrame

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What does Dalla Corte do differently from other espresso machine companies?

I have been working for Dalla Corte since 2006 and for me it is like a second family. In my opinion, what DC offers compared to others, is the great story of these people, how they revolutionized the world of coffee and how they pioneered many innovative technologies. Their dedication and the pursuit of perfection for espresso extraction. The professionalism and experience that this company can offer, I believe is unrivaled. It’s like going to school every day, always learning something new.

What are you good at?

I am good at being generous. I'm good at sleeping, because I'm the lazy boy but I'm also innovative and, of course, I'm good at repairing things (but also at breaking them!).

What is your go-to coffee drink in the morning?

I never make coffee drinks before I leave the house early in the morning. If I have time, I prefer mochas.

Marco Beltrame

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What is your go-to non-coffee drink?

My favorite drink in the morning is definitely tea, in all its flavors and aromas.

What is your favorite coffee memory?

I have two great memories related to the world of coffee, one was my little roastery, and the other is the Dalla Corte campus in Indonesia, in 2015. A wonderful experience.

Who are you outside of coffee?

Out of the coffee world, I try to be as good a husband and father as possible. Learning to be a good parent takes a lot of time and effort, made of many mistakes.

Other: Is there anything else we should know about you?

If you know more about me, please tell me.

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Dalla Corte


More than just a team, the employees of Dalla Corte are a family, in some cases literally. Connected by Paolo Dalla Corte’s immense passion for coffee brewing technology, and with sharing that passion with the world, the Dalla Corte team are committed to the mantra of “Make it better” and blaze their own trail of authentic innovation and genuine excitement for improving espresso coffee everywhere.