Interview Questions

Tell us something about you:

I'm 29 years old and this is my tenth year at DC. I started in the family business as an assembly operator just after finishing high school. Then for five years I was on the Technical Service team in Milan. At the moment I work with a nice team in R&D department.

What excites you most about coffee?

I like how vast the coffee world is. I like to learn new things and in this industry you can delve into agronomy, cup tasting, the transformation of the beans, engineering for the machine to prepare coffee, chemistry, preparation of the beverages, so many things to get lost in.

How Did You Become Involved in the Coffee Industry?

My family, I'm the third generation of "Coffee Lover’s Technician". It's something that’s been a part of me from the day I was born.

What does Dalla Corte do differently from other espresso machine companies?

Our philosophy is to Make it Better. We wanna do real innovation, find the best solutions and implement them.

Pietro Dalla Corte

More Interview Questions

What are you good at?

Keeping my R&D team strong. I hope to help them achieve the maximum of their possibility and their potential.

What is your go-to coffee drink in the morning?

Espresso with half a spoon of sugar.

What is your go-to non-coffee drink?

A good (sometimes) cold beer.

What is your favorite coffee memory?

My first trip with my sister to a coffee farm in Honduras.The people were incredible and they embraced us with open arms.

Who are you outside of coffee?

I hope a good boyfriend and a good father, maybe a good son too. I'm a daydreamer but a sleepyhead too!

Other: Is there anything else we should know about you?

My focus is to keep the DC philosophy present in the technical side of all our products.

Pietro Dalla Corte

Dalla Corte


More than just a team, the employees of Dalla Corte are a family, in some cases literally. Connected by Paolo Dalla Corte’s immense passion for coffee brewing technology, and with sharing that passion with the world, the Dalla Corte team are committed to the mantra of “Make it better” and blaze their own trail of authentic innovation and genuine excitement for improving espresso coffee everywhere.