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What are your credentials and accomplishments?:

I am a cofounder of Cafe Estelar and Pal Real inn Guadalajara, a WBC Semi Finalist in 2010 in London, a WBC Finalist in 2012 in Vienna, and a WBC Sensory judge as of 2015.

How did you get started in coffee?

After finishing high school I took a year off and I moved to Montreal for a year and I ended up in a very cozy Latin restaurant. So this is where I started to work with coffee machines, espresso machines and feel the dynamics of coffee. After that year I moved back to Guadalajara and began working on an international degree, but meanwhile I started developing a project for a coffee house with one of my best friends who’s still active, Oscar Nunes. We basically found the first specialty coffee shop in Guadalajara which is now 16 years old and still there, it’s called 5PM.

Fabrizio Sencion Ramirez

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What does being a coffee pro mean to you?

Dalla Corte, one of the most fantastic things that I can realize, is the fact that it's a family company founded by a father and his son where they are looking towards the same objectives and same philosophies. But also, having the possibility to work with the most advanced equipment in terms of technology, in terms of ergonomics, in terms of consistency. I think this is another hardcore value of Dalla Corte.

Describe your relationship with coffee in one sentence:

Coffee allows me to connect with myself first of all, and secondly with people.

What is your favorite Dalla Corte innovation?

The Digital Flow Regulator.

What is the most important element of good coffee?

I would say mutual feedback is the most important element of good coffee, from harvesting to processing to drying and then roasting and preparation. There has to be mutual feedback between all those elements to make this environment more traceable.

Fabrizio Sencion Ramirez

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What is your proudest coffee moment?

One of them it's to have the opportunity to represent my country Mexico on an international level with coffee from Mexico. Now it's common, but back in those days nobody from Mexico used to get to take coffee from Mexico. That's one, and the second one, it's to be able to harvest, process, dry, and roast coffee for myself, by myself and being involved in the whole ritual and experience that's coffee as a plant, as a fruit.

Who are you outside of coffee? What are your interests?

My main interest now, it's my family. I have three kids, I've been married for nine years now and we have three kids, one is Julia. She's nine years-old now and we have twins, so we got 2 for 1 after that, a boy and girl. I think this is probably my main interest aside from coffee. Of course then family, football, and friends. In that order!

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