Interview Questions

What are your credentials and accomplishments?

I'm a Roaster, Trainer and Consultant. Q-Grader since 2017. Founder and owner of LA SOSTA SPECIALTY COFFEE est. in Florence in 2016, Roastery-Lab, Retail and Sensory Education. DC Coffee Pro since 2018.

How did you get started in coffee?

2010, I was working as Bartender and a girl asked to me a CAPPUCCINO. I had no idea how to make it, I never accepted it. So I start look for a Coffee Training and I met Francesco Sanapo.

What does being a coffee pro mean to you?

I started the collaboration with Dalla Corte in 2013. It never stopped! Dalla Corte is a family, always ready to support ideas and projects and to move forward. I am proud to represent this company because I feel part of this family. As professional I feel great with the machines because they give me the perfect support when I have to test or present my coffee. I truly believe the DC machines are at the top level and I am proud to help spread the voice to the world.

Simone Guidi

More Interview Questions

What is your favorite Dalla Corte innovation?

Multiboiler System and Digital flow regulation.

What is the most important element of good coffee?

Love at the first sip, an experience to remeber.

What is your proudest coffee moment?

February 2018 - Going with Paolo DC and Francesco B in New York to deliver a MINA to Rich M. and training him on his new machine.

Who are you outside of coffee? What are your interests?

I am a Biker! I love to ride my bikes and I like to go for cycling. I like all the extreme sports. I love friends.

Simone Guidi

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