Interview Questions

What are your credentials and accomplishments?

After I achieved second place at the Brazilian Barista Championship on 2017, I became the champion on 2019 and world’s semifinalist. I worked as barista, trainer and quality control manager at Octavio Cafe. Nowadays I work as barista instructor at Coffee Lab and have being helping Dalla Corte in events such as Host (Milano) and Internacional Coffee Week (Brazil).

What does being a coffee pro mean to you?

Still looking for to catch the "Dalla Corte coffee pro" pokemon!

Describe your relationship with coffee in one sentence:

"The coffeeshop bar was the stage I've been preparing for my whole life."

How did you get started in coffee?

I graduated in theater and decided to move to the biggest city of Brazil to work as an actress. I started to work at Octavio café to make an extra buck. After one year I was already the first runner up at the Brazilian Barista Championship.

Martha Grill

More Interview Questions

What is your favorite Dalla Corte innovation?

Multi Boiler System and flow control.

What is the most important element of good coffee?

Flavor and consistency. A coffee that will help the barista, consolidate the relationship with the producer and will make the costumer come back for more.

What is your proudest coffee moment?

Getting to the semifinals in my first time at the world barista stage.

Who are you outside of coffee? What are your interests?

When I'm not travelling I love to spend my time playing board games, playing with my pets and gardening.

Martha Grill

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